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Employees are ambassadors of your business. Empower them.


A place for everything

Gone are the days of training with out of date packets that employees lose and forget to read. Our Education Modules help you organize both job-specific training and must-know employment information your employees need to drive revenue and be great ambassadors of your brand. Investing in your employees will reduce turnover.

Your Manager Dashboard provides easy access to tools you need to create, manage, and distribute vital operations information to your team.  Use our Insights to see how your employees are engaging with the information available to them.

Announcements are an effective way to connect with your team and set everyone up for success. They are always available on the site, and can be sent to your employees as an email if you choose.

Support employees, build your employer brand, and more easily hold people accountable with your company’s Employee Resources such as benefits, policies, leadership information, and company history.

For Enterprise and Emerging Brands, MISEbox provides flexibility to select what information and communication you’d like to share to each unit, improving consistency of information and reducing duplication of work, while still allowing for each unit to manage the information that is unique to them.

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A better understanding of your menus generates higher sales and better guest experiences.

Level Learning™ clearly separates must-know from the good-to-know, enabling new employees to train faster and more effectively. New employees aren’t overwhelmed with a giant packet of information. They can see exactly what they need to know to get through training and succeed on the floor.

Level Learning™ helps create clear paths to growth for entry level employees, allowing them to seamlessly access the information they need to get to the next level. Clear paths for growth significantly increase employee retention, reducing turnover and its associated costs.

Built-In expertise and automatic updates

Our clients have access to item templates that include nearly 200 wine varietals, 90 beer styles, and curated allergy information. Templates bake in best practices to ensure that the information is consistent throughout your materials, significantly reducing admin time for managers.

Not sure what Allium or Gluten is? Just click the Allergen Indicator on the item card and MISEbox’s curated information is available for all employees, eliminating the need for outside research on another website.

MISEbox is built on a foundation of experience in over 50 individual operations ranging from small mom-and-pop suburban restaurants and bars to large, multi-unit and multi-brand groups. As we get feedback from our clients, we fold those best-practices directly into the platform so your business can benefit from the expertise.

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Increase your employee lifetime value (ELTV)

Training happens whether you’re intentional and strategic or not. With an investment in your training strategy and program, you can impact four key points during each employee’s lifecycle, and reduce the cost of turnover.

  1. With MISEbox as your source of truth for employee education, you can decrease the time it takes for an employee to become a fully-productive member of your team.

  2. Better access to more complete information means you can increase the contribution power of your employees and decrease the amount of time to achieve their maximum potential.

  3. Lower-level employees have access to education materials they need to grow into more advanced roles, and your revenue driving employees will benefit from constant access to valuable information to drive sales.

  4. Building a connection between your brand and your employees, combined with consistent opportunities to learn, makes your employees happy and excited to work with your company for a longer period of time.