Enhance the guest experience and increase profitability by empowering your employees


Menus and people are the core of your business, and our software

Photo: Blake Noyes

Photo: Blake Noyes

Front of House

Increase revenue, reduce turnover costs, and hold your staff accountable to deliver your business’s highest standards with simple tools for managing your daily operations, menu and training information.

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Enterprise and Emerging Brands

Simplify and accelerate growing into a multi-unit business with a MISEbox HQ. Flexible controls allow top-down content sharing while each location can manage their unit-specific independently.

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Photo: Blake Noyes

Photo: Blake Noyes

Back of House

Bring your Back of House employees into the fold with access to the same company information your Front of House employees rely on. Improve consistency & communication, and speed-up training with a single Source of Truth for recipes, prep lists, and build sheets. Reduce turnover by codifying paths to growth.

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Hospitality Operations Support

A single platform that connects support services like Marketing and HR directly into the operations interface, unifying your culture and communication for all of your employees and departments.


The source of truth for carefully crafted products

Farmers, brewers, distillers, bakers, wine makers, roasters, artists and vendors… We can help get your message directly to the restaurant and bar employees that are representing your products to guests.

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