Our Vision

Everything in its place


MISE en Nuage is the hospitality data solution. We create, curate, and deliver the actionable data food service businesses need to thrive.

Our MISEbox software is the natural consolidation point for all proprietary client data to be managed alongside the product, producer, regulatory, and reference information food service businesses rely on in their daily operations. MISEbox provides restaurant operators reliable sources of the information and expertise they need to implement effective training programs.

All stakeholders in the hospitality industry benefit from enhanced access to information and integrated systems, from producers and vendors to operators, their employees and guests.

We are developing an intuitive and natural integration points for third party Point of Sale (POS), Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), Talent Management Systems, Inventory, Accounting, and Analytics. The result is a single source of truth for the fundamental data that runs hospitality businesses.

For the first time, producers can arm restaurant employees with product information and brand history directly, ensuring a more effective sell-in. With these resources built into MISEbox, we eliminate the unnecessary burden of individual restaurant managers curating product information related to their business’ menu offerings.

Finally, clients will be able to perform robust analytics of MISEbox and sales data, creating a feedback loop for operators to measure the efficacy of staff education efforts against financial performance. This provides insight into specific opportunities to drive revenue through increased employee education.

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