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MISEbox October Update

Today we released an update that significantly improves Content Tags and Allergens, improves the way we handles errors, and allows our clients to manage their restaurant and billing settings right from the platform.

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MiseboxBraden Williams
MISEbox August Update

Today we released our most requested feature, Touchpoints & Evaluations!

What does that even mean...?
Quizzing! ... but we don't use that word. We have always avoided using the academic model of learning in MISEbox. Restaurants aren't schools, managers aren't teachers, and employees are not students.

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MiseboxBraden Williams
MISEbox May Update

Today we’re rolling out a major update that we’ve been working on for the fast few months. What can you expect in this update? A faster and more responsive experience with more intuitive ways for you to create, organize and manage all of your training content.

A few key additions include:

  • Content Tagging

  • Improved Embedded Video

  • Re-built Item Creation and Editing

  • Centralized Module Management

  • Role & Position specific content sharing

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