MISEbox August Update

Today we released our most requested feature, Touchpoints & Evaluations!

What does that even mean...?
Quizzing! ... but we don't use that word. We have always avoided using the academic model of learning in MISEbox. Restaurants aren't schools, managers aren't teachers, and employees are not students.

Touchpoints will allow you to create an Evaluation with five question types:

  1. Multiple Choice

  2. Checklist

  3. True/False

  4. Short Answer

  5. Long Answer

Next week we'll send a sneak peek to you, and we'll provide in-depth info about Touchpoints in an FAQ in the MISEbox Help Center.

Anything else?
Of course. We are also launching our in-app notifications that will provide you and your employees with simple updates about things going on in your restaurant's MISEbox site. They include:

  1. New Evaluations to take

  2. Completed Evaluations to review and score

  3. Evaluation score availability

  4. New and Updated Announcements

  5. New Manager Logs

Your feedback has been super valuable in developing and improving the tools available to you in the platform — keep it coming! As always, please feel free to reach out to us using the in-app chat if you have questions or need some support in using MISEbox. 

MiseboxBraden Williams